Care Certificate Level 2: Guidance for GML Customers

Care Certificate Level 2: Guidance for GML Customers

Care Certificate Level 2: Guidance for GML Customers   

At Grey Matter Learning, we're committed to staying at the forefront of compliance standards and regulatory changes within the health and social care sector. The introduction of the Care Certificate Level 2 (CC2) has sparked a great deal of discussion and anticipation within the sector, leaving many unanswered questions and uncertainties regarding its implementation.  


We wanted to give a brief overview of our current plans for the Care Certificate Level 2. Like many others, we are still waiting on further guidance from Skills for Care on how to proceed. As a responsible training provider, we wanted to be transparent with the current situation as of February 2024. 

Introduction of The Care Certificate Level 2   

The CC2 seeks to build upon the foundation of the original Care Certificate, introducing changes to the standards and requiring a more formal qualification process.  


Key points include:  

  • Whilst the CC2 is not a legal requirement, it introduces a formal qualification that takes a minimum of 12 months to complete and must be signed off by a registered awarding body.  
  • The 15 standards are changing, updated for an increased awareness of learning disability and autism 
  • Employers remain responsible for the induction process, including practical observations of worker competence.   
  • Skills for Care and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) are currently confirming the awarding bodies who will certify CC2 

What we're doing to support you…   

While guidance for training providers on the Care Certificate Level 2 is being finalised, we wanted to be transparent in sharing our initial thoughts on what we can do to support training providers:  
  • Care providers will still need online care certificate training to support their induction process, so this will still be available to you on Click eLearning platform.   
  • Depending on the guidance, we will either update our care certificate courses or create a new one that aligns with the level 2 modules, allowing customers to have an in-house CC2 that they can use to complete during induction.   
  • Align the in-house, online CC2 with the accredited version  
  • When more guidance is released, we will run a free masterclass webinar session on the Care Certificate Level 2, including how to assess the care certificate.   
  • Once we have the new guidance, we will update our Assessing Competence for the Care Certificate' course.   
  • We will create a toolkit/template for providers to manage their transition to the new CC2.   

Future updates   

We're committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. As new guidance is released, we will provide detailed updates, including comprehensive masterclass webinars and revised courses to address the CC2's requirements.