July 23 Patch notes

July 23 Patch notes

It's been a hectic few weeks working on a number of projects behind the scenes.  In spite of this we have managed to squeeze in a few quality of life updates and improvements to the system.

Unlock Assessment button
If you have configures any courses to have a limited retakes you can now easily reset the assessment if it is locked when the learner has too many attempts

Automated invoice updates - one of our most requested updates! 
The system will now only check your learner count once a day and generate an invoice or credit note accordingly.
Previously an invoice would be generated every time you added a learner resulting in multiple invoices per day.

Training Matrix export to CSV now includes Learner compliance %
When we added the Learner compliance percentage to the Training Matrix we forgot to update the CSV export.  This has now been given the love it deserves and correctly includes a column for the Learning compliance %

Default target completion date increase
When a course is assigned to a learner it defaults to give them 30 days to complete it.  We have updated the logic to allow the default period to be extended  up to 90 days to cater for those longer or less urgent courses.