November 2023 - patchnotes

November 2023 - patchnotes

Click updates 30th November 2023
Enforce Learning:
Implemented a new system setting that prevents learners from taking the assessment before they have completed the eLearning.  This is available on request and can be set on an individual course basis.

Error Message:
we have updated an error message that is generated when Sessions are allocated incorrectly to Learners. It will now include more details of what caused the error.

Learner Dashboard update:
as requested by many customers we have removed the quick link to access a course.  This should reduce the number of learners who are completing courses before they need to.

Training Matrix minor updates:
the first row of the training matrix has been updated and now shows the number of learners who are overdue for each course. This change is also reflected in the export file.

Sessions View:
the sessions view has been given a refresh with tweaks to the layout and links now show more clearly as buttons.  The task view is hidden from Learners unless they have been set a task by their manager.

Tracking Learner activity:
a new export has been added to the learner profile which shows details of when a learner accessed their courses. This data will show when a learner:

  • Began Course,
  • Viewed Learning,
  • Began and completed Assessment,
  • And was Signed Off on the course.
  • As well as the overall time between beginning and completing the course. Note that if a learner completes a course over several days then this time will reflect the overall time passed.
  • Import Learning Plan:
    corrected a minor glitch which prevented courses from being allocated to Learners if they had already completed them. 

    Corrected a few typos in report filters and tooltips. They should read more easily now.
    1. “Reviewer no Sign Off” now correctly shows as “Reviewer Sign Off”
    2. “Due in within 2 weeks” now shows as “Due within 2 weeks”