Patch Notes - January 2024

Patch Notes - January 2024

Happy New Year!

Our developers have been super keen and released the following updates a week early so please accept our apologies for the late notice of these updates.

Please see the end of this article for any known issues which we will keep updated. 

New account selection screen when you sign in.
If your profile is linked to more than one account you will be prompted to choose an account when you sign in

Dashboard selection
All profiles will now default to show the learner dashboard when signing in.  This is to make it easier for new subscribers to find their courses.  You can still switch between dashboards using the lilac button in the header.

Bulk update confirmation 
Bulk updates to course due dates and deleting courses will require the manager to type in the number of courses before they can click the confirm button.  Just check the number in the message and type it into the confirmation box.  If the number is different from what you would expect please cancel the changes and check your selections before trying again.

Manager Weekly Digest email
The manager weekly digest code has been updated to make sure it is sent to any manager who has the manager notification toggle set.

Admin portal security update
As part of our commitment to ensure your data is secured and processed appropriately we have added additional security to the admin portal used by Grey Matter Learning Customer Care when supporting customers.

Known issues
Opening links in a new tab
When opening a link in a new tab (either by middle clicking or right clicking and selecting open in new tab) the new tab defaults to the account selection page and does not open the link directly as it used to.  We are working with our developers as we really liked the old way the links opened and want to keep that functionality.