Patch notes - June 2024

Patch notes - June 2024

Released 14 June 2024 09:45

Refresher tracking for Sessions
When you create a session you will now be prompted to select a refresher period.  As well as creating the current session the system will generate a refresher session in the future in a "pending state".   As you sign off learners from the original session they will be booked onto the pending session.  This will ensure that the training matrix can track their compliance over time.   When you are ready to confirm the "pending" session you can edit this to confirm the date, venue etc and change to the planned or active state.  Any learners booked on the pending session will need to have this booking confirmed using the "confirm booking" option.  At this stage you can confirm which active or planned session you would like them to attend and their booking will automatically update and move them to the correct session.

Activity report updates
Type in the course filter box to dynamically search for the course you need.  Multiple courses can now be selected and filtered on at the same time.
Filter for courses by signed off date by selecting start and end dates.
Additional data added to the report: eLearning progress, Observation Progress and retake count

SSO updates 
For customers who have coded their system to connect directly by SSO you can now pass the following fields as part of the SSO payload
- First name
- Last name
- Default tag (which is used to define which courses are allocated to the learner)
- Subject ID (to take the learner straight to the subject you would like them to complete)

Accessibility toolbar fix (step 1)
We have updated the website code to enable the accessibility for the eLearning.  We are working through each course to apply step 2 to enable the accessibility option for each course one by one.  Spare a thought for our colleagues that are completing this laborious task.

Update import learning plan template
As we know have multiple bundles of courses available for customers we have updated the import learning plan template so you will be able to download a template for the specific course bundle you are using.  

Several updates to the inhouse support portal to support our customer care team with their system access.
- Update account creation process - new customers will have the default option force eLearning set correctly
- Update releasing new course process to speed up the process of adding new courses to the correct customers when they are released.
- Additional access control to ensure Click-Learning support staff have least privilege access required