UPDATED: Planned Maintenance and updates 8 & 9 May 2024

UPDATED: Planned Maintenance and updates 8 & 9 May 2024

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8 May 2024 

8am - 9:30am (Essential database upgrade and maintenance)
As part of our commitment to ensuring the security and stability of the site we have taken the decision to perform and urgent update to the database which will require the site to be placed in maintenance mode for 90 minutes.  

9 May 2024 
6am - 11am - (extended beta release)
The new feature release which was postponed due to essential database upgrades is now scheduled for the 9 May.  Following extensive consultation with our developers we have decided to implement a full system update instead of our usual patch to the live site.  This allows for a comprehensive testing and validation exercise to ensure the updates have been successful and gives us the option to quickly abort the update process should there be any sign of issues. 

At 6am on the 9th May we will be placing the site into Maintenance mode for 5 hours to allow us to perform the updates and testing. Please note that between 6am and 11am you will not be able to sign in to or use the site.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and will keep this post updated with information as we receive it from our developers.

This update was originally planned on the 1 May 2024 but was postponed for technical reasons.