How do I get my Care Certificate signed off?

How do I get my Care Certificate signed off?

The Care Certificate is a nationally recognised standard set by Skills for Care.  In order to achieve a Care Certificate, you will need to achieve competence in key practical areas.  These are known as the observable outcomes.  As a care worker, you are able to work on the knowledge outcomes for the Care Certificate. However, the observable outcomes have to be signed off by a competent person after they have observed you in the workplace.  It is not possible for you to sign off your own observations; this would be a bit like taking a driving test without an examiner and then giving yourself a driving licence! 

If your manager has set you up on Click, then please contact them and let them know you are ready for them to sign off your observations.

If you have taken out a personal subscription to Click and don’t have a manager, then you have a number of options.  This could be because you are a student or are hoping to get a job in care.

Option 1 - evidence portfolio with no certificates

Complete the Care Certificate assessments for each standard and then export your completed portfolio to share with any potential employers.  Grey Matter Learning can support your new employer to access Click and sign off the observations if they would like to use Click.  This option will only generate a certificate once an employer has signed off the observations.

Option 2 - knowledge-only certificates

Take the following courses which match the Care Certificate, they are knowledge-only and you will receive a certificate which you can share with your employer.  If they accept them, they can use these to fast-track your Care Certificate.  If you have already completed the Care Certificate standards, then you should take the assessment first; there is no need to repeat the eLearning unless you need to refresh your knowledge:
  1. Equality and Diversity
  2. Person-centred Care
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Privacy and Dignity in Care
  5. Fluids and Nutrition
  6. Mental Health,  Dementia and Learning Disabilities essentials
  7. Safeguarding Adults
  8. Safeguarding Children
  9. First Aid Skills
  10. Health and Safety Overview
  11. Handling Information - GDPR & Data Protection
  12. Infection Prevention and Control

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