I didn't get my email from Click

I didn't get my email from Click

Sometimes emails can end up in your spam or junk folder - please check to see if they are there.

If you still haven't received the email then please try resetting your password which will generate another email.  It will also confirm that you have a profile set up as it will tell you if your email address has been recognised.

If none of this works then please ask your manager to set a new password for you.  They can do this by viewing and then editing your profile. If your manager sets your password this way please make sure you change it as soon as you sign-in by going to "My Profile" and choosing a new password.

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    • My invite has already been accepted

      The email link to register and choose your password will only work for the first time you click on it. Once you have registered your password, please use this link to sign in to Click Related article: Make a bookmark to sign in quickly
    • I can't sign in

      You can reset your account and choose a new password by entering your email address here: https://app.greymatterlearning.co.uk/reset-password Please note the password is case sensitive and you will only have 60 minutes to use the link to choose a new ...